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Meet Our Board of Directors


Guillermo "Memo" Moreno


Memo was born and raised here in Phoenix and has strong ties to his community.  He joined the PGFFL in the Fall of 2019 as just a hobby and to try to live a more active lifestyle.  Memo settled into the league quickly and felt the PGFFL was much more than a hobby for him.  It was the game that brought him to the fields and the people that made him stay.  Memo found family within the PGFFL.

Memo joined our board in 2021 as the PGFFL's Director of Marketing & Media and then won the Commissionership in 2022.  Memo is excited to serve his fellow members and lead our organization.


Joseph Husmann

Assistant Commissioner

Joseph has been an active and dedicated PGFFL player since the spring of 2016.  He has been involved in several board positions since then and is currently serving as Assistant Commissioner.  Joseph is a former captain of the Phoenix Blast and has played with the team for the past five years.  He has also previously played in the Flag Football League of Houston.


Jessica Diaz


Jessica joined our league in 2019 not ever having played flag football, but gave it a shot because she’s extremely passionate for the sport and supporting the LGBTQ+ community. Little did she know her teammates would soon become her family and Phoenix her home away from home. Since joining, she’s played in one Gaybowl with Phoenix Fahrenheit and had the opportunity to captain her own team in the Fall of 2021. Off the field, you can find Jessica traveling, volunteering, cheering for the Arizona Cardinals, and spending time with her family. 

As a newly appointed treasurer for the the board, Jessica plans to use her professional accountant experience to maintain financial responsibility for the league, create sustainable budgets, and serve as an advocate for all of our players.


John Houghton


John grew up here in Phoenix, Arizona and considers himself a native.  He first joined our league in 2016 and has proudly served on our board since 2018.  First coming on as Assistant Commissioner from 2018 to 2021, he is now currently serving as Secretary.  In addition to league play, John has participated in four Gay Bowl's with his team, the Phoenix Blast, and looks forward to many more.


Jesus Godinez

Director of Sponsorships & Community Impact

Jesus has been an active member of the PGFFL since 2017.  He first joined our board as Assistant Commissioner in 2018 and was then elected as Commissioner in 2018.  Jesus was then elected to the Director of Sponsorships & Community Impact in 2022.

Jesus prides himself on the work he has done with community partners like the Arizona Cardinals and Phoenix Rising on the importance of acceptance of LGBTQ+ athletes, fans, and community.  


Aaron Maya

Director of Tournament & Travel

Aaron is native to Arizona and has strong roots set in the community.  He had previously heard quite a bit about the PGFFL through his participation in other LGBTQ+ sports organizations and through repeated recruitment attempts by other league members. Aaron finally decided to join the league in the Fall of 2021. He had never played football growing up and wasn't sure what to expect. From the beginning, he felt a sense of inclusion and support, with many people from the league taking the time to teach him routes, rules, and strategy.  He felt that he fit right into the PGFFL FAMILY.  In his second season, Aaron was able to give back to the league by becoming a captain in one of the PGFFL's largest season's ever. He was wanting to do nothing more than to make people feel the same way he felt when coming into the league. At the end of his second season,  Aaron decided to make another huge leap and serve on the Board of Directors. Aaron has learned that his strong foundation in sports and community is a unique strength that he wants to flex to make the PGFFL an even better organization!

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